Business Ethics

The company determined Business Ethics. The manager and employees practice in work.

  • 1. Legal compliance and relevant regulations

    • 1.1 Legal compliance, regularity and respect to traditional of business.
    • 1.2 Compliance with requirements of the securities Exchange of Thailand and securities commission.
    • 1.3 Compliance with regulation in working of the company strictly.
    • 1.4 Compliance to supervise principle good business by the securities Exchange.
  • 2. The responsibility duty, honesty, diligence and discipline. The committee, manager and employees are responsibility duties honesty, diligence and discipline. And adhere to reputation of the company and develop to organization for excellence, without bias, Do not authority for other or one’s own profit. Do not to induce other person to working time for others activity that irrelevant with the advantage of the company for personal development to have moral and ethics. Should be practice and study for knowledge. Do work harmonious, Do not incite, slander or parody. Should be reinforce, protect and maintain the reputation of the company with the attitude and good employees company.
  • 3. The conflict of interest

    The company have policy for protect to conflict of interest.

    • 3.1 Do not conflict of interest to benefit company such as the lose benefits or receive less benefits or share benefits from the company.
    • 3.2 Follow the rules, method and disclosure list information related to criteria of the securities Exchange and securities commission office.
    • 3.3 Case of committee or employees were transection about company, so They will be proceed like to external person, then the committee or employees will not be consider.
    • 3.4 Do not anything to the competition with company business by committee or employees, family and resident. Do not to business any activity to general person seeing as a business/whether the conflict of interest to directly or indirectly.
    • 3.5 Do not to see to benefit in private business with company for sell product or service to company.
  • 4. Keeping the secret information of company

    The committee, manager and employees must be not reveal the secret information of company to external whether to other benefit it’s maybe has effect to company. This is guidelines

    • 4.1 Do not to see personal benefit or others by using information’s company.
    • 4.2 Do not reveal specifications to who do not have a right to know, especially the secrets of the company
    • 4.3 Do not reveal business information to competitor. Although you are not a committee, manager and employees of company.
    • 4.4 The manager and employees have to manage, save and digest about detail information to the regulation of company.
    • 4.5 The manager and employees do not take information use for security treading or send information to other person for security treading.
  • 5. Keep the company’s property

    The committee, manager and employees were responsible to use resource and company’s property to the most performance. This is guidelines

    • 5.1 Use the company’s property economically and have the most benefit.
    • 5.2 Take care the company’s property, do not damage, lost for use benefit.
    • 5.3 Do not take the company’s property to use for personal benefits or have a promotion to other person.
    • 5.4 Do not take the property for use, sell, give, borrow, lend or selling, pay the company’s property transfer without be allowed well, the property have worth or any condition.
  • 6. The receive gifts and welcoming party business

    For the procurement process to be effective and appropriate the company set guidelines.

    • 6.1 Avoid receiving gifts or something have over value or the adoption from who rerated business with company or by others it’s maybe have benefit from working company’s employees.
    • 6.2 For the transparency, manager, employees and who do not accept to money, benefit or the object from who rerated business if the recipient have biased mind or have the business relationship with to giver, it’s maybe damage to company.
  • 7. The right of social and political

    The committee, manager, employees have right and freedom to join to the activities in social, so avoiding to wrong action, contrary to law or moral, then there is unsettle society. This is guidelines.

    • 7.1 Adhere to democracy, support to use constitutional right and other law.
    • 7.2 Do not to support any political party.