2 Jun 2017


Mr.Chaiyasit Samrittivanicha the director management of N.D. Rubber Company Limited or N.D. RUBBER (NDR) organized the A grade lifestyle chill out in Hong Kong with a special campaign Hong Kong VIP N.D.Trip 2017, create the happiness to customer agent can sales accumulation target to fly to Disneyland for worship the monk. Excusive 3 days 2 nights start activity with worship too monk, pray to be life fortune at GUAN IM temple, repulse seaside, bay, pray with TUB TIM the god of the sea, pray to be fortune with CHAI SING IA before pray to be with the good of love. Then we go to cast lots and join to have fun with a dinner. Next have a romantic fun with a “HIGHLIGHT SHOW A SYMPHONY OF LIGHTS”, tomorrow customer agent have a fun with activity by divide into 2 group. 

The first group activity for childhood with MAIN STREET, USA, watch the parades and traveling to Disneyland. 

The second group enjoy and happy with the worship and pray at Man Mo temple, Wang Sian, Chang Kong Meow temple and the end worship to GUAN IM YOK KHAW, SISAN temple UNSEEN of HONG KONG. The end trip have a lunch at Maxim’s Jade Garden in HONG KONG International Airport. N.D.RUEBBER would like to thank you all customers for give the trust. Subsidize and use a tire motorcycle continuously.